UK Abandons Student Visas from North India!

UK immigration has said a big “NO” on applications from students in North India. The ban came into effect from February 1, 2010, onwards, after which no applications would be accepted under the Tier 4 Student Visa. Other countries to suffer the ban are Nepal and Bangladesh. Courtesy the high increase in the number UK study visa applications as compared to the last year, the UK Immigration officers found it difficult in catering the massive increase.


Also, the UK officers think that a majority of Student applications are not genuine enough to pass the eligibility criteria. People regard this path as a shortcut or back door entry to enter the UK premises and stay there on a long-term basis.

The British High Commission in New Delhi confirmed that in order to stay away from illegal immigration, applications would be scrutinized in a thorough manner. Sir Richard Stagg, who is the UK’s high commissioner to New Delhi, confirmed that the ban has been inculcated in order to stop the abuse of the UK Immigration system. The suspension has been done on a temporary basis.

India is highly upset with this decision as the ban would surely affect the “genuine and eligible students.”

According to Hindustan Times (, a government official feels that Indians have not been provided with ample reasons to justify this ban and why the genuine students have been kept away from getting education in the UK.


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