UK cap to affect Indians the most!

UK has come up with new immigration policy which is going to affect the Indians most. They form the largest group amongst non –European Union skilled immigrants residing in United Kingdom. Indians are going to be most affected with the limitation of 24,100 on work permits of immigrants imposed on the category of skilled workers. This policy of United Kingdom is going to be implemented from July 19 to March 31, 2011.

Theresa May, home minister of UK says that government of UK do understands the benefits from immigration to the country but there has to be a control on that. Influx of capable and talented candidates would surely contribute in the economy of the country but excess of immigration will put undue pressure on public services and country resources. Such measure by UK government is taken to avoid any rush of visa applicants for migration.

Director of Highly Skilled Migrant Program, Amit Kapadia in a statement to the press said that this cap on migration of non EU workers will affect the Indian professional the most because mostly non EU immigrants come from India only. The migration of skilled workers will go down to a large extent of about 10,000 rather than 100,000. Now the process of selection of workers will also be changed with the imposition of cap. They will now prefer those workers whose need is greatest in UK .Some reports have revealed that many high-income professionals many not be given the priority in the cap. The popularity of immigration cap increased during the election campaign especially by The Conservative Party.

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