UK Immigration Cap Announcement!

Putting a cap on non-European Union immigrants, thereby slashing the nation’s current immigration level to the level of 1990s was one of the election campaign promises made by the UK’s current Prime Minister David Cameron. But, ever since implementing an immigration cap has been on the Coalition government’s agenda, the newly-formed government faced many criticisms. Many groups have come forward to stand against the implementation of the immigration cap, stating that the limit on intake of immigrants would affect the British economy badly. Owing to the criticism, the coalition government had no choice but to send the legislation to the migration Advisory Committee for further review before it comes into effect in April 2011.

The latest advancement to this issue is that we may get updates on the UK immigration cap, which is expected to be an important announcement. The announcement was expected to come on November 18 (We will update you with the advancement on the immigration cap, anyway!).

United Kingdom’s Migration Advisory Committee was supposed to provide its recommendations, especially on how many UK visas for skilled workers should be allocated each year. This, of course, is an important announcement, which is going to have its effect on many non-European nations.

Reportedly, the migration Advisory Committed has indulged in extensive research in relation to the immigration cap issue. The committee has even consulted public on the same. The advice from the committee is going play an important role on the part of the coalition government in determining exact quotas for different visa categories.

The United Kingdom has already put an interim immigration cap on non-European Union immigrants. The permanent cap is expected to come into effect in April, 2011!

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