UK Immigration for Permanent Residence

No one can deny the fact that obtaining UK Permanent Resident status is not less than a victory as one has to go through lots of hectic immigration practices that have been found frustrating some time at some extent. The gist of the above sentence can be better described in the words of stringent eligibility criteria that requires various written proofs from applicants and several other legal formalities that one requires to go through

Talking about the Indefinite Leave to Remain emerged as a great option for those who are keen to make their stay in the UK for indefinite period as it facilitates the successful applicants by offering a permanent Residence in the UK.

As the name suggests, Leave to Remain doesn’t include any barrier of time limited time period without having any immigration related limitation, for instance you don’t need to show your employment option before applying to enter to the UK. Besides, it doesn’t include any barrier on the kind of work plan that a majority of applicants undertake on arrival.

Only those people can get the privilege of Indefinite Leave to remain – who successfully accomplished their task of applying for a UK visa.

The people who have been granted the said visa must note that they are not authorized to spend more than two years outside the United Kingdom, if they found doing do, they must be ready to face the grim situation of their status of Indefinite Leave to Remain cancellation.

Those applicants, who fall under any of the below mentioned visa category and have spent the purposed time period in UK, are eligible for applying Indefinite Leave to Remain program.

Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) or work permit 5 Years
Ancestry 5 Years
Marriage 2 Years
Unmarried Partners 2 Years
Investors 5 Years
Writers, Composers or Artists 5 Years
Sole Representatives 5 Years
Persons establishing themselves in Business 5 Years
Unlawful stay or a combination of lawful and unlawful stay 14 Years
Lawful stay on any basis 10 Years

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