UK Immigration for Skilled Workers—A Widely Used Visa Option

Skilled workers have a rather great future in the UK immigration to it though is a win-win situation for both the UK and the skilled workers. The path way to this magnificent country is easy for the migrants who are skilled workers. No wonder, the skilled visa route is a commonly preferred permit and immigration path. The nation provides numerous opportunities for work and business in the nation and the country welcomes aliens from across the world. The chances of salary augmentation are much higher in Britain as compared to any other country.

One of the visa routes to enter this well-known immigration destination is through its Tier 2 Visa, which is basically meant for the skilled migrants with the necessity of a valid job and a sponsorship license. The heading visa is further divided into 4 sub headings.

Any aspirant who has been offered a job in the Great Britain can apply under the General Skilled Migrant Program. It’s the gate pass based on the well-known points system and covered under the heading Tier 2 (General visa). It allows the aspiring foreign skilled workers to stay in the nation for a period of 5 years, which can be further extended to another 5 years.
The UK immigration skilled visa allows the holders to work for second job also along with the work for which he could have been sponsored. The eligibility of securing 75 points stands there, to meet the criteria for this visa. Education helps in getting 50 points, experience in UK -5 points, and age 20 points.

Apart from general visa, the immigration motivated aspirants can make entry to UK through the Intra Company Transfer path which is meant for the migrants who are transferred by the employer to the Great Britain. The migrant should have a valid employment along with sponsorship letter from a valid license holder which will help in scoring 30 points. He ought to meet maintenance and English language requirements. Gaining 60 points is mandatory, and if the migrant wishes to stay for more than 3 years, then he has to obtain more than 70 points.

Another line of entry is through the specialized sport skill which is meant for the sports people. The player should be internationally well-known and ought to be capable of making noteworthy contribution to the nation through his sport. His visa is for three years and one month and minimum points required are 70.

UK immigration for skilled workers also stands high for the ministers, religious people like nun or monk and a missionary. Their services can be looked upon for giving religious preaches to the adults and children, and also for offering religious instructions at the time of wedding and funerals.  Their services are helpful for the coordination of volunteers and members of the community along with the translation work and performing various activities of the church.

They can take up the job which the country is running shortage of the workers. The migrant is also permitted to study with the option of bringing his family to UK. He can also enjoy free movement inside and outside the UK.

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