UK Immigration – Moving from Tier-4 Visas to Tier-2 Visas Becomes Simpler Now

As per a report, the most recent UK visa regulations that make it rather simpler for the holders of the Tier 4 Student Visas to shift to the Tier 2 (General) Visas are now in force. Some rule improvements applied on January 11, 2018 enable the students on the Tier 4 Visas to submit a petition, to move to the Tier 2 Visas directly post the successful completion of a degree course, minus having to cool their heels for their exam results.

Several Tier 4 Visa students are, allegedly, incapable to live in the nation on a Tier 2 Visa. The reason: their visa loses its validity before they obtain their exam results for their degree level course. But under the new arrangement, such students now have the option of presenting a petition even before they get their exam results.

In case a Tier 4 student has to exit the nation it is quite tougher to get a Tier 2 Visa. In all likelihood, the recruiter/firm will have to perform what is called a resident labour market test, besides give the yearly immigration skills duty. And it’s not required for a Tier 4 student on a degree level course moving to a Tier 2 Visa.

UK Immigration Visa
UK Immigration Visa

Before the rule amendments, the non-PhD students in the nation had to cool their heels for their official course results prior to being permitted to present a petition to change visas. This wait left numerous graduates with exceedingly little time to get a job prior to their Tier 4 Visa lost its validity. However, the most recent amendments will permit for higher flexibility and extra time to get a job in the country.

Earlier, in case a student failed to find a job in the few months, in the wake of successfully concluding their degree course, they had no options except to go back to their home. But, now thanks to the change in the law the post-graduates will have some more time for the purpose.

Decreasing International Tier 4 Visa Student Figures

More stringent UK Visa laws have, allegedly, been behind the nose-diving figures of the international students in the country. With a view to stop the overseas workers from exiting the nation, the incumbent London Mayor had supported calls for a new class of post-study work visa.

What the mayor proposed was that there should be a difference between a post-study work visa and the Tier 2 path even as it should permit students to do a job in the nation for 12 – 24 months, post their graduation. But, the administration, allegedly, rejected the idea and as an alternative started somewhat more relaxed regulations, allegedly, to mollify the detractors of the administration’s handling of the global students.

Tier 2 Visa Pilot Plan

During the early January, London declared the extension of a pilot Student Visa scheme to 23 extra universities to allegedly proffer the students from the non-EU nations an extra six months to get a job upon the successful completion of their study course.

Though it is the duty of the different universities taking part in the programme to carry-out the eligibility checks, students now do not have to present as many certificates/papers at the time of submitting their visa petitions.

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