UK Immigration Officers to go on a Strike!

A two day strike has been announced by the PCS Union this week. This might lead to a delay when it comes to immigration control at the airports and other ports in UK. This strike is by a minority group from the UK Border Agency and this is expected to impact the border controls of UK.

However, the Border Agency has maintained that the commotion in this regard would be minimum not effecting much when it comes managing immigration. At the same time, the agency has also said that it cannot be sure regarding the amount of disruption that would be caused by the strike. It would only come to face when the strike actually begins.

According to the Chief Executive of the UK Border Agency, Lin Homer, the strike is more about modernizing the work practices to bring about services which are more effective and efficient. It is more the efforts of the agency. The priority would remain the same throughout that is to keep the borders secure. At the same time, the travel time has to be reduced for the travelers and goods going about legitimately. The Agency also expects majority of the facilities and services to be open for business to be availed.

He also said that they would work hard to minimize the number of possible delays. They welcome the commitment shown by the employees who have been working despite the strike to make sure that the passengers are checked through the control as soon as possible.

More updates would be provided by the UK immigration in this regard and the impact it would have on passengers landing at the airports and other ports of entry in the nation.

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