UK Immigration Rules Tightens!

In a recent move, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown affirmed “tightening” of the immigration rules in order to confine the number of professionals migrating to the UK. He further elaborated on eliminating some of the occupations like engineers, hospital consultants, and care workers, to name a few from the occupation list.

Brown considers it as a ‘tough’ yet a ‘fair’ approach under the PBS (Points Based System) towards decreasing ‘illegal immigration’ in a major way. Brown further gave a hint on restricting visas for short-term education courses and making the rules even more stringent for the International students.

Further tightening the Immigration rules, a bill has been proposed under which every migrant entering the premises would require ‘permission’ to stay in the UK. That means that the five current application categories made available to the prospective applicants would be replaced by ‘permission’ to be in the United Kingdom.

Experts are of the view that these changes unfair towards the non-EU migrants, including the Indian migrants who move to the UK in a major number every year. Consult an Immigration and Visa expert to know more about the recent changes in the Immigration world.

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