UK Immigration Tier 1 Visas Limit!

Commencing 19 July 2010 onwards, UK Immigration has introduced the Tier 1 Visa limit. It is the first time that a limit of this kind has been announced on Tier 1 categories. For those applicants intending to apply under the same category, here are the changes brought into it:

  • An interim limit is kept on application filed under Tier 1 (General) visa category from 19 July 2010 to 31 March 2011.
  • The applicant would be required to get 100 points (earlier it was 95 points) if he is planning to switch to the Tier 1 visa category and previously falling in some different category.

The implementation of Tier 1 limit means an exaggerated processing time for Tier 1 visa. Therefore consult an immigration visa expert and know your chances of qualifying. In addition, apply for it as soon as possible to remove any chances of visa processing delays.

The limit would not apply to you if you are into following situation:

  • If the applicant is already in the UK and are present in the category which gives him the freedom to switch to the Tier 1 visa. The applicant would still be required to get the increased 100 points in order to qualify for the Tier 1 visa
  • If the person is a dependent of a Tier 1 Visa applicant.
  • If the applicant is intending to apply under the Post-study work or Investor Visas in Tier 1 category.

Here are some other facets needed to keep in mind:

  • If the applicant manages to show previous earnings of £150,000, the points would be hiked from 75 to 80 points.
  • If the applicant holds an MBA degree, the points would be hiked from 75 to 80 (provided the degree fulfill the requirements linked with getting visa)

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