UK Immigration– Visa Options, Population & Geography

The European economy was in doldrums; but the recent amendments and highly proactive policies passed by different countries have invoked the sentiments of investment and growth. The possibilities have further improved with three of the stalwarts of Europe, namely, Germany, France and the UK, taking all the measures to make sure that things end up good for the European Union (EU).

At the same time, as immigration brings a great deal of benefit to the economy, many of the members of the EU have come up with new policies and legislations to make sure that immigrants don’t have to any trouble at any point of time.

UK Immigration

In this piece, you will learn about the immigration possibilities to Britain through different visas up-for-grabs, the population and geography that the nation shelters. All these will help you to get better insights, and make the right choice when it comes to moving to the right nation for future and growth.

Population, Geography

The population distribution in the nation is one of the most promising factors that any immigrant would like to take into list for the object of immigration. In the first place, you would always like to live in those places that are not overcrowded or too densely populated.

Multiculturalism is an important aspect that immigrants want to have when they live in any particular region. So, let’s take a look at the distribution of population in the overseas hotspot and figure out that which places are more suitable for the immigrants to live and weave their dreams.

As per the census report, the population of the popular immigration destination is 63,182,000 and it is the third largest in the EU. The overall population density of the nation is highest in the world with 259 people per square kilometer.

On an average, almost 1/3rd of the population lives in the South East of England. The merger of Ireland, Wales and Scotland provides more opportunity to the immigrants for movement. It is due to these reasons that immigrants have connected so well with the nation.

The job opportunities, work environment and higher income have always been a motivating factor for the immigrants looking for the best ways and opportunities to move to Britain.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the visas that you can use to streamline the movement in the best possible way!

UK Tier 1

It is a part of the five tier visa system that UK uses to attract immigrants to its soil. In the first category, the Tier 1 Visa is meant for entrepreneurs and businessmen. This visa allows entrepreneurs and businessmen to open up in the nation and make the best from the advantages and possibilities that the country has at its grasp.

Who Can Apply?

Now, this is an important question that you would like to delve into. The Tier 1 category is meant for the elites and under this visa program, any individual willing to invest between 50,000 and 2, 00,000 British Pounds can take this visa as the gateway to make it to the country.

You will be required to score 95 points to get recognition for such type of movement. The movement will happen under different category: 1) Graduate Entrepreneur; 2) Exceptional Talent; 3) Post study work but this has closed as of now. So, according to the need, you can pick the right program and move without any hassle.

UK Tier 2 Visa

It is meant for the skilled workers who are outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and they have a certificate of sponsorship from any employer who is based in the UK. With such petitioning and sponsorship, the immigrant can instantly move to the nation for work.

Every year, only 20,700 such visas can be granted and movement can happen under the same. So, the employers have to keep that in the mind while streamlining the visas and asking the immigrants from other country to move to the widely visited overseas hotspot.

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