UK Locals Want Immigration Cut!

According to a recent survey conducted by the government of United Kingdom on social attitudes, many locals feel that there should a major cut in the immigration. This response was inspite of the belief that the minority ethnic groups are amalgamating well with the local citizens.

The recent on the citizenship survey included the views and opinions on social attachments from 2001. The poll showed seventy seven percent of the local felt that three should a major reduction in the number of immigrants given a permit to enter. On the other hand, a little more than half of the respondents felt that the cut should be done by a lot.

The above results would now be easily used by all the anti – immigration lobbyists. According to these groups, the conventional political parties are always a step above with the electorate when it comes to this matter. Additionally, many voters also feel that it is one of the main issues which needs to given primary consideration.

The Department of Communities and Local Government conducted the above survey. The poll also said that eighty four percent of the local population nodded that a local suburb is an area where people of different ethnicities came together as one. The response to this was eighty percent in 2005 which clearly shows an increase and a positive sign. This clearly indicates that the response of immigration cut is not based on any form of racial discrimination.

However, the educated professionals and students had a favorable attitude towards immigration. This was not same case with the low wage workers who do not have good academic qualifications and usually end up competing with the immigrant workers. This has also led to the immigration as a backdrop for an electoral war.

Parties like the British National Party have raised doubts and fears in the minds of the people regarding immigration which has sidelined the local people. The survey included fifteen thousand participants from England and Wales.

However, according to the Labour government, the points based system which is applied for the citizens of the non – European countries has aided in the reduction of the number of immigrants.

A promise has been made by the Conservatives to put a hold on the number of immigrants being brought in each year. However, it is yet to be seen how it is to be implemented.

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