UK Lords Criticizes Nation’s Immigration Language

The troubles of the present British Coalition government seem far from over what with still another British parliamentary committee seriously condemning the same for its alleged not-too-positive public-speaking on the issue of immigration. A report from the House of Lords has come up with the warning that the figure of the STEM students pursuing studies in the country has nose-dived significantly since 2010, when the country’s present administration stormed to power.

The volume of the STEM students decreased by 8% from 2010-11–the year that the regime came to occupy power, to 2011-12 even as the same headed south by an additional 2%, from 58,815 during 2010 to 52,905 during 2012-13. The figure of students arriving from India has decreased noticeably even as the same dropped by 38% in 2011-12, & an additional 28% in 2012-13.

Unhelpful Opinion

As per the report in question, the same is not unavoidably courtesy the nation’s immigration laws but courtesy a not-too-positive view involving the nation amongst the possible students across several nations. Further, the view is thanks to the pitch of the public discussion on the issue of immigration in the country.

Further, at a time when social media is rather active and widely used, unhelpful observations related to a nation, such as the UK,
may spread between students incredibly rapidly. For the same, the British government & the national media are to be blamed.

Permit Situation in Britain Very Complicated

Allegedly, the government’s strategies on immigration and education are at odds even as the administration are all together devoted to cutting down net migration & drawing a growing figure of global students.

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