UK Planning to Educate Immigrants to Queue!

According to a report by Daily Mirror, Britain is making plans to educate the migrants coming to its country on the aspect of queuing in a proper manner so that they can learn to integrate well into the society! It means that the newcomers have to learn the art of queuing in various places, including buses to sandwiches to a cup of tea, to name a few.

Phil Woolas, Immigration Minister, also confirmed that UK community faces a lot of problems courtesy the overseas immigrants who fail to understand the concept of queues and head on towards the front, breaking all the rules. This may be prevalent in their culture but not in the culture of Britain.

Woolas went on to say that this pushing and pulling in queues cause a lot of resentment. He said that one of the most vital facets which bind the country together is taking one’s turn! Therefore, it becomes mandatory for the foreigners to understand the concept of queuing in order to adapt in accordance with the society. It is for the betterment of everyone in the society!

The Minister said that the idea of educating the foreigners on the issue of queuing has been given a lot of emphasis as the step would ensure that immigrants would understand the importance of accommodating well into a society. The step is vital from the point of view of British Sense of fair play too!

The implementation would surely create a feeling of unity amongst the migrants as well as the residents of the UK!

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