UK PM to Soften on Immigration Cap!

The immigration cap to be implemented in UK has been of much debate. If the reports are to be believed, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron has apparently dampened his stand on immigration to UK. This has come about after constant pressure from the key businesses operating in Britain along with other key members from the Party.

It has been reported that a source from within the party to have said that the party has heard all the concerns and issues of the businesses. This has made the government realize that no doubt immigrations levels have to be reduced, at the same time the economy of the nation cannot be damaged. The best talents from across the globe are still wanted in the nation.

The Migration Advisory Committee has been working on the impact of the cap on the UK visas. The committee is expected to present its report which would contain recommendations to the government.

The current cap has been implemented as a measure which would soon be followed by a permanent cap in April 2011. The present limit caters to only about 2600 visas to UK in a month. The quotas are being met accordingly before each month comes to an end. It was also noticed that for the month of November, the limit for the Tier 1 Highly Skilled visas was over within the first 10 days.

Keeping the above in mind, the Prime Minister seems to have been under pressure not only from the businesses but also from Vince Cable who is the Business Secretary as well as from Boris Johnson who is the Mayor of London. He has been warned about the threats and the risks that this cap would bring about.

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