During fiscal 2021, Indians cornered 3.01 lakh H-1B visas

UK scouting Indian Immigrants with Smart Immigration policies

The new immigration system in the UK will benefit employers in many positive ways who assist and sponsor migrant workers to the UK. This means that now that the new rules will have the potential to encompass migrants into a broader range of roles due to coming down the level of skills and the requirements for salary.

Also, it can recruit to meet the existing demand without being bound by numbers. Businesses on the way to growth and those progressing and established international networks will prefer to benefit from these changes.

In May 2021, India and UK went ahead to sign a new migration partnership to facilitate the bilateral relationship of the UK with India.

As per recent data, more than 98,000 students from India arrived in the UK for studies the previous year. Not only this, the new post-study Graduate pathway allows qualified graduates to stay back for 2 to 3 years after finishing their studies in the UK. There has also been a second round of talks India-UK Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

The UK has become a breeding ground for Indian workers relocating to the UK at a multiplying speed. Despite the backlash of the pandemic, Indians were given out more sponsored skilled-worker visas than any other nation of people.

Indians are also in well and highly-paid job roles in the UK. Presently, the UK is in high demand for skilled workers across various professions like hospitality, veterinarians, doctors, scientists, architects, and artists. The UK PR visa for Skilled professionals and UK ScaleUp Visa are recent additions to multiple options available to the Indians wanting to settle down in the country.

Even students are on the same keel, with 48% more Indians between 2019 and 2020 receiving their Tier 4 student visas to the UK. In 2021, 9,930 Indians applied to UK universities, which is a 30% leap from the last year.

There are more options for Indian students in courses than in the last decade. Want more such news updates on UK immigration for Indians? You can get in touch with our experienced immigration consultants by ringing at 8595338595 or mailing us at [email protected]

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