UK Starts Onslaught on Unlawful Immigration

In a key development, which may not go down well with the affected migrants, the Prime Minister of Great Britain has disclosed a chain of sweeping reforms to control and stop unauthorized immigration and scam related to visas. David Cameron was quoted as saying that from now onwards immigrants, applying for visas to stay in the country, must prove that they know English, and can also speak in it, apart from showing that they can take care of their varied needs during their stay in the nation.

He also urged the British people to report cases of suspicious unauthorized immigrants to the concerned body and authorities with a view to extraditing such migrants from the country. The PM went on to add that in the future all immigrants submitting applications for a passport of the UK would have to clear, at first, a history exam of the nation.

It needs to be mentioned that since 2005 migrants wishing to settle in the UK, on a permanent basis, have to undergo a Citizenship Test. This is another matter that the test became some sort of joke when it was declared by the previous government that immigrants may not have to learn the history of the country.

Apart from advocating for stringent laws involving immigration, the British PM also vowed to come heavily down on forced and false weddings — the tried and test ways, via which several migrants settle their family members in the nation, in an illegal manner.

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