Are You Keen in UK Immigration? Choose Tier 1 Visa!

Recovery cycle has started shaping in the European continent, and after a long eight years of recession starting from Greece, things have started turning brisk even as a new ray of light has been seen in the Euro Zone. The Euro Zone has been slowly recovering and most of the economies that were facing turbulent times all this while have finally got back on track.

But even though with all the hostilities, there have been some economies that have flourished and they have proved their mettle amid such havoc. The UK, Germany and France emerged as a messiah for the Euro Zone during their tough times, and they have definitely proved that they are the ultimate driving force in the European Continent. With Germany’s bailout programmes, you can figure out the clout that it holds in the Euro Zone.

At the same time, if you look at the UK, it has helped the Europeans during the tough times by providing them job opportunities. Such dynamism captivates and surely it does since people from other parts of the world have started banking upon the UK to provide them a better life with Tier 1 Visa.

Given this, if you want to move to the UK, you can look forward to the UK Tier 1 Visa Programme. Now, you may be wondering that how can the Tier 1 Visa help you move. Well, in this piece, you will get the answer to this question in the best way.

Tier 1 Visa specifies skillfulness and if you are skilled enough to make a difference, you can move without any trouble. Under the Tier 1 Visa Programme, you can move with different ways. The first in the category is Tier 1 General.

This visa has been closed as of now, and you cannot apply anymore for UK immigration through this visa. However, if you have used the visa in the past, and you are living there as of now, you can look forward to renewing the visa. The visa is secured if you are scoring 95 points on an overall basis where education, age, experience and qualification, everything will come into play.

In the second type of Tier 1 visa for UK is the UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. In this style of visa, you will be given the opportunity of not just to move to the country but you will also get the opportunity to claim the PR status in the first place.

If you want to get the Tier 1 Visa as entrepreneur, you will have to invest US $3, 08,410 in any of the businesses as just partner or separate. You must have US$1387.85 to help streamline everything under the maintenance fund category.

At the same time, it is not like if you are setting up a business then you don’t need educational qualification, you must have Master’s degree in business with good proficiency over English. If you meet with these small requirements, you can move to the UK without any hassle using the UK Tier 1 Visa Programme.

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