UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Transitional Arrangements System

UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa Transitional Arrangements System is there to provide relaxation to the applicants of UK Tier 1 visa. If you are willing to live in United Kingdom as an entrepreneur and if you have a dependant who is willing to live with you then you need to provide proof of maintenance i.e. you need to show that your dependant has sufficient amount of funds to support him/ her during the duration that person is willing live and work in United Kingdom.

It is of huge importance that you and your dependant should have sufficient amount of fund to support both of you during your stay in UK. If the applicant himself/ herself have stayed under the entrepreneur visa for less than a year then dependant/ family member willing to live in the country should be able to show minimum £1,600 for maintenance. If the duration of stay of an applicant is more than a year then the minimum amount required to be shown reduces to £533.

This is a new condition/ requirement added to the list of eligibility for UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. Immigration and citizenship department realizes that this can be a little difficult to prove availability of funds so immediately and therefore they have programmed a transitional arrangement system. If you have applied before or till a particular duration then transitional arrangement system can be beneficial for you.

According to this program an applicant or dependant don’t have to prove the availability of funds for three months before applying. Funds need to be shown only when you actually apply. This visa scheme allows immigrant to visit UK and look for funds and business idea. Applicants need to prove that a government department or a ventured capitalist has offered access to £50,000 or promised to provide the requisite amount of capital for his/ her business idea.

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