UK Tier 1 Visa Entrepreneur Questions

Entrepreneur Visa to the UK is obtained by people who want to invest in businesses. UK is slowly building its name as a favourable destination for entrepreneurs. Individuals from outside the country are applying for Tier-1 visas. Many fresh applicants are not aware of the basic criteria required to obtain a visa clearance. Thus, they require the help of immigration offices and advisors to successfully apply.

The UK Tier 1 Visa Entrepreneur Questions posed by most individuals are related to points. The score to successfully qualify for an Entrepreneur Tier-1 visa is 75. Hence, while applying one has to ensure that he crosses the score well to its limit. The visa is thus awarded based on a point based system. The various sections have a minimum score adding which results in a total score.

The next important criterion that raises doubts is the investment and disposable income. An amount of £200,000 in the bank accounts would be suitable. Proving the availability of these funds at the disposal is equally necessary. This could be done using bank statements. Thus the person should have sufficient balance to verify his reason to apply for a visa.

Application is best processed by taking help of an immigration consultant who has experience in managing Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa application.

One also has doubts about moving the dependant along with him to the UK. Thus, such UK Tier 1 Visa Entrepreneur  Questions could be easily dealt with the PBS Number. The dependant could also get himself employed or switch his visa status. This would require him to apply from outside the UK’s European Economic Area (EEA).

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