UK Tier 2 General Visa—A Brief Summary

Thousands of people have been migrating to the UK, for work and better standard of life. As it is dream of everyone to earn in strong currencies, the nation provides the leverage to the interested people to step on its soils and work to help fulfill their dreams.

It is on account of this that ever since the global economic crisis, the national economy has been experiencing mass scale movement of skilled workers from different regions and ethnicities, to work and earn, by participating in the growth story of Europe. These persons have been shown the way through the popular point based visa application process.

Let’s take a quick look at what Tier 2 General Visas that paves the way to the UK is all about! There are certain eligibilities involved with Tier-2 General Visa that paves the way to get entry into UK. So, it is important to acquaint you with all the technicalities of this visa process.

Generally, you are eligible for the permit only if you have been provided a job by an employer based in UK. At the same time, your country should not represent the European Union (EU). So, even if you are from Switzerland, then also you are not able to apply for this type of visa. You must not represent any European Economic Area (EEA) also if you want to get your visa application approved at the first place. For those individuals who are from Switzerland and the EEA, there is separate provision for getting their movement monitored to the UK.

If you are applying for this class of visa, then it will take a maximum of three months to get it duly processed. Simultaneously, you don’t have to wait for too long, to find-out whether your visa will be processed as the decision would arrive in no more than 3 weeks, regarding the acceptance of your application. The fee for this class of visa is not fixed, and it can change as per the situation. In a nutshell, the place and the method you have used for application would be in the reckoning.

So, if you are applying for this class of visa, then applying outside the immigration hotspot will cost you 514 British Pounds, and in case you are going for extension or switching it, then you will have to pay 601 Pounds, for premium extension, you will have to give away 1,001 Pound for extension and switching.

If you are from Turkey or Macedonia, then you will have to pay 459 Pounds under outside European Economic Zone for regular, 546 Pounds for extension and switching to other category, and for a premium visa you will have to pay 1001 Pounds per person. The tenure of this visa will last from 14 days to 5 years, so you must have to ask your employer who is sponsoring you to keep a tab on these things.

Once you have got this permit, then you will be able to work on the job that has been described by the immigration authorities on the sponsorship certificate. At the same time, you can also go for alternate job, but it must adhere to the same sector mentioned in your certificate of sponsorship. The permit also provides the power to study, provided it doesn’t hamper your work.

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