UK to Impose Cap on non EU Professionals!

UK’s home minister Theresa May is going to take a new decision of imposing a cap of 24,000 on non EU professionals between the months of July 2010 to April 2011.But her decision will be affecting many non Europeans professional who every year migrate to UK for employment purposes. Many leading professionals from India and other non European Union countries have come together to speak against this decision.

This policy will affect the lives of many Indian professional as major non European Union migrants to UK migrate from India only. This is not fair because imposing the cap of 24,000 from this month to July 2011 means UK employers can not recruit more Indians and non Europeans once the limit is reached to cap. But this decision is going to face much opposition by Asians and non EU professionals.

Indians are highest in number to be hired as employees in companies such as IT, education, medicine and other service sectors annually. So, any such cap or limit will be facing maximum opposition from UK business and industries. Forcing a cap can stop easy movement of talented, capable and creative candidates who have contributed the most in making UK a strong nation.

Representatives from Cameron government and British trade have expressed their opposition to this new policy as this would degrade the economic conditions of the nation. Because it restricts the company to recruit capable individuals from other countries whose talent and creativity help the economy to boom

UK government has said that it is not against the immigration because it has cultivated the nation culturally and has also helped in developing the economy. But it must be controlled to protect the UK citizens with unemployment and depletion of country resources.

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