UKBA introduces mobile biometric unit from Aug 17 for East Malaysians

The UKBA (UK Border Agency) came with a clear announcement regarding opening of a mobile biometric clinic enabling applicants especially in East Malaysia for offering biometric information and submitting applications. The mobile biometric clinic is to be introduced in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu at British Council offices.

The service is set to be run once a week in Kota Kinabalu on Saturday and in Kuching on Friday morning, revealed by the British High Commission, also mentioned about the due date of Aug 17, from that the service will be started, till the end of the next month.

Starting of the new project will take the total cost of RM 600 (£123) per application that will also include the sending cost of application by courier to Kuala Lumpur and then the returning cost to the applicant’s home address, only if the applications processed,” said, British High Commission.

People, who are keen to avail the benefits of clinics, just need to make an appointment by visiting at the visa application center by making payment for the special service. Besides this, an additional payment for visa application must be made in advance at the branch of Alliance Bank.

It must be noted that the applicants in East Malaysia still have the privileges of offering biometric data and submitting their applications at Kuala Lumpur based visa application center.

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