United States: Economy vs. Immigration!

Illegal immigration has been a subject of debate for quite a while now. Although, many have failed to realize that there is a sort of connection between the economic and market realities pertaining to labor and the current scenario of immigration. This can be blamed on an immigration system that can be considered as being outdated.

The main source for illegal migration has been the labor market of the United States which has led to a high demand for workers who are less skilled. This is more than that is being catered to by the local Americans or even by those migrants who are legally in the United States.

The failed enforcements over the last decade at the borders clearly project the ignorance of immigration policies towards other economic forces which cater to such undocumented migration. Instead of regulating the whole process, it has further deteriorated the whole system.

So, in between the chaos, two messages are clearly projected: “Stay Out” and “Labor Needed”! Thus, we have two contradictory messages which lead to even more confusion. One answering to immigration policies while the other caters to the economics of the nation…keeping the current scenario in mind, economics part is leading with more and more undocumented residents living and working in the United States.

Large number of jobs is being created by the economy of the United States especially under the low skilled criteria. This is despite the fact that most of the local people are growing older and are better skilled with education. This makes them over qualified for such low jobs.

Despite knowing the current situation, there are restrictions imposed by the government of the United States which can easily be considered as being outdated. These form a little or no relationship with the realities of the local economy which demand for a change which it could cater to.

The outcome is clear with the enforcements committed to cut down on the migrants who are attracted towards the US economy due to globalization. With more and more workers attracted towards the low skilled jobs, not much is being offered when it comes to opportunities by the present system of immigration in the nation even if the migrants would want to legally reside in the United States.

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