US B-2 Visitor Visa—Basic Requirements

Does the Golden Gate Bridge attract you? Do you want to visit the Yellowstone National Park, the world’s very first national park? If yours answer is yes, then B-2 Visitor Visa is developed specially for the people like you.

It’s a fact that the US enjoys widespread acceptance and popularity the world over, and a large number of skilled workers, students and business personals visualize the country with endless opportunities and excellent work environment.

But not many people know that the US is the country that receives the largest number of visitors every year. A large number of people wish to visit the immigration hotspot along with their family and friends to spend some good time; many just wish to visit the country for medical treatment.

B-2 Visitor Visa is a non immigrant category. Initially, the USCIS issues the visa for up to six months. On request, it can be extended for six more months, but beyond the period, the duration of the visa cannot be extended and the visitor will have to return to their permanent residence.

The visa is a most dynamic category for international travelers. While you are in the country on the B-2 Visitor Visa, you cannot enroll yourself in any course of study; neither can you take a job with a US employer. In certain cases, the USCIS may grant permission to enroll in non credit based courses which are recreational in nature, provided the time frame of the course is not more than 18 hours per week.

Occasionally, the visa has been openly criticized by the travelers as it does not allow dependents of the primary applicant to travel with them. If they wish to travel along, they will have to apply for a separate petition which is subject to individual approval.

What you can do with a B-2 Visa?

  • Undergo medical treatment.
  • Travel freely within the country. At times, you may travel aboard as well.
  • Conduct interview and hire local staff.
  • Conduct research.
  • Make an investment and attend meetings.

What are the basic requirements?

  • The purpose of the visit should be temporary in nature, i.e., medical treatment, tourism or non commercial business activity.
  • The guest must have enough funds to cover his entire trip.
  • He must be able to prove that he has a permanent residence outside the county, and he has clear intention to return to the nation before the expiry date of the visa.
  • He must not have a criminal background and submit a health certificate as well.

Aspirants would do well to file their petition at least six months in advance from the actual date of travel as the visa processing may take longer. As the USCIS has made its immigration laws tougher, the aspirants must consult an immigration expert. Under their supervision, it will become rather easy and simple to file a petition and the chances of petition rejection will drastically diminish.

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