US Consulate Anticipates Big Surge in Visa Applications from India

In the backdrop of the US President’s declaration of improving the visa application procedure for the visitors, the New Delhi based consulate of the nation has disclosed that they envisage a remarkable raise in the number of visas applications filed by people from India.

During the year gone by, nearly 700,000 visas were processed by the US Embassy in India even as the embassy of the North American country anticipates that the number of visa applications filed on the Indian soils to continue to head north by 14% annually.

In this connection, a concerned person was quoted as saying that the US is optimistic of 14% growth per annum in the number of visas processed between present and 2020. He added that Washington DC foresees the process of visa application to touch 2.1 million by the mentioned year.

He further said that post the administrative order – and in the wake of the announcement made by Barrack Obama, on the boost to tourism — the North American nation was positive of achieving quicker processing and significantly lower waiting period for all visa classes.

He continued that the year gone by was a record year for the H1-B Work Visas of the US with more than 68,000 applications being processed by the US Consular Team in India. During the course of the past five years, the North American nation has augmented staffing by more than 60%, in addition to opening two new consular offices at the Indian metros of Mumbai and Hyderabad.

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