US Consulate Hikes its Visa Fees

The visa fee for the United States has been increased and certain modifications have been introduced in the form of a two-tier structure. This is specifically for all the non-immigrant visas. These changes would be implemented from 4th June 2010.

All those applying for the following categories would have to pay US$140 and would be given a white receipt:

  • Students – F or M visas
  • Exchange visas – J visas
  • Business/Tourists Visas – B-1/B-2
  • Crew Members – C-1/D

Applicants who have submitted their work based on a petition (which includes the visa categories of H, L, O, P, and R) would have to now pay US$ 150 and would be given a green receipt.

The fiancé visas (K visas) would have to pay US$ 350. The payment for this particular visa would be continued to be accepted at the consular section of the office.

The above two receipts would still be made available from the designated branches of the HDFC bank. Those applicants who bought their receipts before 4th June would have to the additional amount during the interview. Earlier, the visa fee was US$ 131 for all visa categories.

According to the US Consulate, the new system is being brought about to cater to the small hike in the global scenario. This hike would also cater to the improvements brought about in the application procedure.

The US government has raised the staff at the consulate by almost forty percent. This increase has been specific to India alone. This increase has been catered to in the last four years. This took to an investment of more than US$ 100 million which led to the expansion and constant up gradation of the facilities being offered. The new consulate that has been opened in Hyderabad along with the renovations carried out in the New Delhi as well as the new building in Mumbai were all a part of this investment.

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