US Hikes Visa fees for Kenya students!

The US government has made certain changes in its fee structure for students coming from Kenya. Kenyan students who are intending to travel to the US would now be required to pay up to Sh1, 500 more in order to get the visa.

Earlier the fee structure was Sh10, 500 and now it has been confirmed by the US government that it has been hiked to 11,200 for acquiring visas in non-immigrant categories. This can include student visa and tourist visa, to name a few.

According to US Embassy in Nairobi, it has been confirmed that the fee structure for non-immigrant visa would show an increase and this would specially be applicable to temporary workers as well professional athletes who come here for a temporary basis.

However, the procedure for the payment of the fees has not been changed at all. Regardless of the nationality of the overseas students, it is mandatory for the applicants of non-immigrant visas to pay the amount for individual applications made in regard for the same, at the Commercial Bank of Africa. Seeing this report, it has been expected that fee structure for other countries might rise too.

The amendments in immigration rules leave the prospective applicants in a state of limbo sometimes. Therefore, it is always advised to go for assistance from an expert Study Visa expert to avoid any visa denial, courtesy the change in immigration rules.

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