US Immigration: A Brief Look

Overseas people–keen to live in the US on a permanent basis– need US immigration permit, in spite of whether they intend to do a job therein. The petition involves submitting one’s submission, permit processing, & the final interview & medical test stage.

US Permit Kinds

Here below is given some of the key permits for permanent immigration to the nation:

US Immigration for Immediate Relatives/Family Members

Despite the fact that overseas mates don’t automatically get US citizenship, when they tie the knot with a citizen of the nation, they may make the cut for their Green Card through the immediate relative class. Parents & step-parents, Kids & step-children below 21, & partners of dead American citizens, besides other relatives of the citizens, are also qualified. To get hold of an immigrant permit, the US citizen (applicant) ought to first present an immigrant permit application Form I-130 to the concerned body, i.e., US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

US Family Based Permits

In the said class, either of these–US citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR)–may submit an immigrant permit petition.

US Work Permit

The USCIS also provides the likelihood of permanent residence to those gaining admission into the country, for employment objects. As per their specific skills & credentials, the would-be candidates are given ranks in 5 preference classes. Those believed to be amazing or outstanding in their domain are preferred.

US Permit Lottery

Per annum, 55,000 immigrant permits are also given, via the US permit lottery. The said plan is targeted at the aspirants from those nations which do not send too many migrants to the country.

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