For US Immigration Obtain Business, Tourism Visas B1/B2 Services

The US is the world’s lone Super Power and annually 100s of 1000s of people visit the country for different reasons. A lot many individuals wish to visit the nation for business and tourism, and considering the demand of such visitors the, USCIS offers BI/B2 Visa jointly.

B1 is often regarded for business activities whereas B2 is for pleasure and medical treatment. The former is more formal in nature where as the latter is regarded as recreational. It suits well those who wish to visit their family and friends or undergo medical treatment.

Those who are keen to acquire Business and Tourism Visas B1/B2 may seek and get the professional services of immigration experts who will, in return of a fixed fee, make your visa application process smooth and hassle-fee.

Before you use the services of such experts, let’s have an over view of B1/B2 Visas!

It is basically a visitor visa issued jointly. It means if an alien has a Tourist Visa it may also be used for a short business trip. While on a B1/B2 Visa you may perform the following activities:

  • Conduct and attend meeting.
  • Hire employees to perform official activities.
  • Negotiate and make investments.
  • Conduct research and travel freely within the country.

You are prohibited from performing following activities:

  • Run a business based in the country.
  • Get hired by a local employer.
  • Participate in sports events and or as an entertainer in entertainment industry.
  • Paid by an organization with in the country.

If you wish to acquire either of the two, it won’t be really a difficult task, especially if you employ the services of an immigration expert.

Now lets us have a look on some of the reasons as to why Business and Tourism Visas B1/B2 should be obtained via using the services of an immigration expert!

  1. They are often regarded as one major stop for all your queries regarding US immigration.
  2. Processing fee is reasonable with flexible mode of payments.
  3. They have some of the best and most experienced consultants in their team who are most competent, experienced, dedicated, and committed.
  4. The visa application processing is completely transparent and has the updated information regarding the said category.

If you need any type of assistance regarding B1/B2 visa category, you can always knock on their door any time of the day and post office hours you can easily reach them via phone and emails.

To start with, all they require is your complete details, such as your updated CV and particulars of your spouse as well. Those providing such services are active 24*4 assuring you quick response.

Over the years, these experts have successfully provided assistance to 100s of applicants like you. Therefore, your application is in safe hands. You can easily track such service provider via Internet or on personal reference.

Almost every immigration expert has their own website showcasing their past record and other relevant details. You can also judge their credibility by the testimonial section as well. Only once you are fully satisfied take the service of any such expert.

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