US Immigration Department in Limelight for its Masquerade

The US immigration is under the limelight again for being fraudulent and feeble. The immigration officials have been found to using their status and name in the various detention centers to conceal proof of the ill treatment meted out with the immigrants.

The news has been brought out by the New York Times. According to the reports post investigation in these detention centers, irresistible and intolerable pain that was being neglected and ignored by the officials was the main reason for the suicide committed by Nery Romero, a 22 year old immigrant at the Bergen County Jail in New Jersey. This clearly shows the inside aspects which are clearly hidden from the rest of the world. It is very sad to see that such tales happen in one of the major superpowers in the world.

On checking the medical records, it was found that the medical staff in the County Jail had given Motrin as medication for the pain. However, this was again a lie since the mentioned time given for medication was post the victim’s death.

Another similar case came to light. This time it was an immigrant from Guinea, Boubacar Bah. He was detained at a prison that was being run privately by the immigration officials. Bah suffered a fractured skull after a series of activities that were performed in the prison. The prison records showed that the 52 year old was separated from the rest of the detainees and was isolated in a cell. Not medical attention was given for more than thirteen hours, post which an ambulance was asked for.

When the above case was further prodded into, the context of the telephone calls made and the emails sent amongst ten officials showed that it was not meant to get medical attention or aid for the victim. Instead, they were more worried about the monthly medical cost which is around $10,000 that would be required to take care of this man. With this, officials also seemed to worry about how to deport the man’s dead body back to Guinea.

By the time it was decided that he would be sent to his cousins for care in New York, Bah had already slipped into coma and he died a few days before he was to be released.

According to the New York Times, there has been no feedback from the any of the institutions mentioned in the report or from the US Immigration Department.

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