US Immigration Process—A General Idea

The USA has emerged as a hot immigration destination over the last few decades. Candidates from throughout the world move to the nation, to either improve their lifestyle or simply get handsome salary packages there in. Reason can be any but the fact lies under the sheet that they should immigrate legally which will help them settle in the new country and get an immediate start even as this will be undoubtedly beneficial and a life-changing beginning.

For successful landing in the country, the aspiring migrants have to file a petition. Several online portals provide step-by-step guidance on how to apply for immigration. US immigration may depend on the employment which the aspirant wishes to get in the nation, or on the terms of family relationships. He should meet the requirements of the United States immigration laws.

Petitions for a visa are submitted under forms 1-130 and 1-140 which are checked by the USCIS and then sent to the concerned department. There is a limitation to the number of certain visas, which an aspiring migrant should check before filling a petition. After checking the priority date, the candidate has to select an agent and pay his visa application fees.

After the successful submission of visa fees, the aspirant has to put forward his application form. Then he has to collect the financial and supporting documents and deposit them at the National Visa Centre (NYC). After the submission of visa application and the fees, along with the necessary documents for US immigration, the NYC along with US Embassy will fix an appointment date for the would-be migrant.

Before appearing for an interview, the aspirant has to prepare for it. He has to bring his original documents and forms along with the medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner. The issuing of an interview date is not the assurance of getting a visa to the USA. Application can be rejected for a number of reasons. It is advisable that the migrant should not book his tickets before getting assured of his visa.

It is also prudent that the would-be migrant checks that all the documents are translated in English while applying for US immigration. If his documents are in the regional language, then he has to change them into the English language from the translator. In case of any discrepancy in the documents, the candidate can be called on any other date for the interview.

At the US Embassy, the migrant’s fingerprints will be scanned. All those family members, who are notified by the NYC, have to be present for the interview, in case they are traveling with the migrant. If they are taking a trip on any other date, then they need not be present for the interview. They will be issued another interview date by the embassy.

The candidate should bring appointment letter, passport, 2 photographs, sealed medical examination report, original and supporting documents, and the visa fees, in case he has not paid at the NYC. With the submission of these necessary documents, it is essential that the aspirant checks that his documents are in English language, otherwise he should get them translated in English.

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