US L-1B Visa Permit Requirements At A Glance

A large number of professionals wish to move abroad, the reason is they are always on a look out for better job opportunities with better pay package. Many countries are immigrant-friendly; they welcome experts from every corner of the world–both as a permanent and temporary resident.

One such nation that seems pretty promising and full of opportunities is undoubtedly the US. Yes, you read it right! Since ages, the US has been welcoming a large number of professionals– both as permanent and temporary residents.

Given this, no specialized knowledge worker wishes to miss a chance to live and work in a country like the US. The category is bit controversial and continuously under the scanner of criticism by those who wish to acquire the same.

No where the specified term ‘specialized knowledge’ has been clearly explained and neither the specific degree, experience nor the position has been clearly mentioned.

Under the category ‘specialized knowledge staff’, professionals can be transferred from company based out of US to the US office. To join an existing company/organization, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USICS) initially issues L Visa for a period of three years, and for those who wish to join a new company/organization, a visa is issued for a period of one year.

Later, the duration of the visa can be extended to two more years. Once the alien has successfully lived and worked in the country for five years, he must return to his place of permanent residence. The visa cannot be extended further nor can a fresh petition for the ‘L’ Visa can be submitted as there is a provision to live and work outside the US for at least one year once the alien has lived his maximum duration. In no way, it is subject to annual cap/quota or fixed wage requirements.

L-1B Visa Permit Requirements

Following are the requirements to be met by the aspirant:

  1. He must be a specialized knowledge professional.
  2. He must have worked with an affiliated, branch, parent company for at least one year in the three preceding years, prior coming to the country.
  3. He must have in-depth knowledge of the company’s services, techniques, products, research, and management.
  4. If he is using blanket L-1 petition, he must clearly fall under the category of specialized knowledge professional.

Now that you know about the L-1B Visa Permit requirements, it might be relatively easy to consider applying for L-1B Visa. But in reality, it is all the more difficult to obtain the visa under the category.

As the term specialized knowledge has not been clearly explained and since long the USCIS has refused a large number of L-1B petitions.

Thus, those who wish to acquire the visa under the category are advised to consult a US immigration expert. He will surely clear all your prevailing doubts and can assess if you stand a chance to qualify.

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