Want US Permanent Resident Visa?

When one avails immigration to any country, he is enthusiastic, happy and feels that now his dreams have been met. However, at the back of his mind, often he has a feeling that he is there for a certain period only. The threat of getting ousted or whether he would end up being resident there or not often takes away his peace and happiness.

The harrowing image of permanent resident visa haunts him in the worst ways and he is always under pressure. Get over the pressure, you have moved to the country of your choice, don’t let the pressure of permanent residency (PR) take you to some harrowing world.

You can be stupendous at achieving the PR. All you need is an efficient immigration consultant and your dedication towards achieving the PR. In this piece, you will get to know important facts about getting PR for the US. So, if you have moved to the US, and you are looking forward to getting PR, you must know certain basics that would help you get the same with panache.

If you are looking forward to applying for US permanent resident visa, then it should be processed under these immigration programmes.

You can apply for the below mentioned categories:

EB-1: Priority workers

EB-2: Advanced degree professionals

EB-3: Advanced Professionals

“Schedule A” workers list

Special Handling Teaching faculty

Every year, as many as 55,000 immigrants move to the nation, and if you are fortunate enough, then you can fall in this category.

So, how the permanent resident visa can help you get citizenship in US! Suppose, if you are working in any organization in the US and you are showing excellent skills during your job tenure, the authorities would always like to have you onboard to stay in the country and help in the growth and development there.

At the same time, often this process is a bit cumbersome in the nation, since it follows strict immigration regulations. Often the process is quite slow and highly filtered and magnified. So, the minutest details would also be considered for streamlining the residency approval.

Foreign immigrant problem is the most contentious issue that the country faces and they never look forward to exacerbating the threats and worsening the security of the country. So, they have made the immigration look tough and highly challenging and obtaining the PR is more promising. The end story is that if you want to get permanent resident visa then you must have the best immigration consultants to streamline the process and help you move to the country without any hassles.

Now, you may also have a question regarding the tenure of your stay in the immigration hotspot. So, take this into consideration, if you are applying for PR, it is indefinite. But, alien registration and Green Cards are offered for a period of 10 years. An immigrant can also apply for PR by using his work visa if it breaches 5 years time and by marriage if he has stayed for three years in the country.

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