US President Wants High-Skilled People with Jobs

The incumbent US president comes out with unpopular immigration plans that often rub many people the wrong way, and give the impression that the doors of the US is gradually getting closed to immigrants, especially from the third world nations.

The latest visa proposal from him, on which this report is based, follows the same template.

This time around, he’s reportedly about to chart a plan to make border security tougher, and fix the legal immigration system, to support those who tick all the right boxes on the subjects of English skills, qualifications, and employment offers.

Motive To Unite Republicans

As per some observers, the president is keen to unite the US Republicans on a subject that has often brought them on the opposite sides.

Despite the fact that its chances of sanction from the US Congress do not seem high, the plan will, allegedly, help and give Republicans something to offer their support to.

Family Based Laws Ruled Earlier but Things Different Now

For too long, the nation’s immigration laws have favored family-based immigration, and close-to 66% of all people, who have received Permanent Residency (PR) and Green Cards every year, have family links to those living in the overseas hotspot.

While, at 1.1 million people every year, the latest immigration plan from Trump would keep lawful immigration rather steady, family-based immigration would be behind just 33% of that. In its place, high-skilled individuals, with employment offers, would be preferred, and they may usher with them their partners & kids.

What Else?

It would, allegedly, harden the border, via building more of Trump’s desirable southern border wall, and make checks of goods & individuals, at the different ports of entry, better, to battle drug smuggling.

But Other Key Issues Ignored

Allegedly, the president’s latest plan ignores many important issues. For example, it doesn’t talk about some of the debated immigration subjects. It also doesn’t talk about the “Dreamer” children of immigrants in the country unlawfully, or immigrants in the nation under Temporary Protected Status. The plan also fails to cover provisions, to assist farmers and other seasonal recruiters welcome a higher figure of guest employees.

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Skilled Workers Preferred

In its place, the legal migration structures of the nations of Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand were explored and ideas sought as to how to shift US laws more towards drawing trained manpower and less on bringing families together.

Post studying the systems of the other nations, the observers concluded that the basis of 12% of migration to the US was employment and skill. The figure stood at 63% for Canada, 57% for New Zealand, 68% for Australia and 52% for Japan respectively.

By favoring immigrants skilled in English and with degrees or training and job offers the plan would, allegedly, permit as high as 57% of the Green Cards, and the resultant permanent lawful residency on the basis of employment.

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