US Visa Rules to be More Flexible to Promote Tourism!

The application process for a US visa is quite a complex process in itself. Apparently, this process is stalling the tourism opportunities as per the head of a growing airline in America. According to Mark Dunkerley, the CEO of Hawaiian Airlines, the United States is not being very open to the huge tourism market in China. This is because the visitors from China are required to apply for a Tourist Visa for America. He said that it is quite a task for a Chinese national to obtain a tourist visa. This makes it a hindrance for the Chinese to visit the United States.

He also specified on the recent growth in tourism which has been quite strong especially from South Korea. This happened after the visa requirements were made a bit more flexible for South Korea in 2008. This has led to more visitors from the nation as they can now visit the United States without a US visa.

It has been noticed that in the last one year, the growth has been very fast and a faster rate is being anticipated in the coming years, especially when it comes to South Korean tourism.

As per the statistics from the United States government, there has been an increase by 50 percent in the South Korean tourism. This rate has been seen in the first nine months of 2010, especially when compared to the same period last year. The figures also project that there has been a generation of US$100 billion through tourism for the US economy.

Considering the above rise in the tourism market, the US Congress has brought about an authority for tourism promotion. This has been set up to bring about more foreign visitors. It is anticipated that this authority would follow the lead of other nations especially when it comes to China and its constantly growing middle class. Similar to this, David Cameron, the British Prime Minister had also projected his interest in bringing about visitors from China to UK.

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