US Work Permit for Computer Professionals

Just like any other profession in the United States, the IT professionals need to demonstrate their skills and proficiency in their area of work. The different visas granted to a Computer Professional are the H-1B visa, L-1 visa, TN visa and the E – visa. An Immigration and Visa Specialist is the apt person who knows which visa to apply for different professionals.

The H-1B visa is basically approved for all the engineers in the software arena, system analysts and engineers, database administrators and other specialized jobs in the IT. However, these are highly dependent on the application in the particular field that the professional is working on.

On the other hand, the L-1 visa is meant for those foreign professionals from software companies who are sent to manage a division of the company in the US. These professionals should be highly specialized in marketing techniques, technical and research aspects and the products also.

A TN visa is basically meant for the Canadian and the Mexican professionals. The job of a Computer Systems Analyst which includes all the major IT jobs is the most preferred under this category. Under this visa application, a relevant educational degree has to be presented. If the applicant is a Management Consultant, he is expected to have atleast 5 years of work experience in the IT sector.

An E visa has two types of visas which are the E – 1 and E – 2. IT professionals from the treaty countries are given this visa as specialized managers and personnel.

Above all, it is best to contact an Immigration and Visa Specialist who would which visa would work best for a computer professional. So, contact one today!

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