Using Professional Help Make Requirements for Investor Visa in US Easier to Fulfill

If you are interested to move to the US, employing the well-known and extensively used investment visa path, and want to figure out what are the main requirements for Investor Visa in US, you are on the right page.

The US is a land of the dreams, a paradise for immigrants and a wish-list of everyone on this planet. But, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have allegedly made it a rather tough task to get through to the country. The challenges have further heightened with increasing threat from terrorism and global disharmony.

Investor Visa in US
Investor Visa in US

But even after all these challenges the Investor Visa to the nation can certainly make the much needed difference. If you have got a good US immigration specialized agent, in that case, it would be easier to understand the visa and take the call accordingly.

Visas Applicable for Investor Immigration to the US

The E2 Visa, or also known as the best visa to move to the popular overseas destination, comes with no cap on the application. Under it, the aspiring immigrants can move to the hotspot for a period of two to five years. The E2 Visa has the provision of renewal, but only on one condition, the business of the immigrant applying for this visa should be flourishing and generating the necessary amount of profits for smooth operation.

E2 Visa–What You Get?

  1. An indefinite license to work legally in the company as an owner, which has been considered as the vehicle of revenue generation in the nation.
  2. To travel freely in and out of the country.
  3. Can stay there in on a prolonged basis with the E2 Visa sponsorship.
  4. Dependents can accompany the visa holder. By dependent, it is meant those under the age of 21 years.

E2 Visa Requirements

The minimum requirement demanded as per this visa is a real investment in a legal enterprise–a real, active commercial or entrepreneurial undertaking engaged in real production of goods and services in the US.

To get this visa, you must give the following documents at the time of application.

  1. The Internal Revenue Service must allot Employer Identification Number to the aspiring immigrant.
  2. Complete details of the tax returns must be submitted.
  3. Submission of the financial statement is a must thing to do.
  4. Quarterly wage reports and payment summaries are must for the business.
  5. Bank statement, utility bills, advertisement/telephone bills and other variables are also demanded for the purpose of the immigration.
  6. Contracts and customers or vendors agreement is also necessary by the jurisdiction of the law, and also for the commencement of the business.

Keeping in mind all these varied necessities, you can submit an application for the US immigration with the E2 Visa even while these are the requirements for Investor Visa in US that you have to meet with.

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