Vancouver Voted Best City in North America!

Like every year, Mercer Consulting organized and conducted a survey on the best cities to work in the world. This survey caters to help the companies and governments across the world to make the world a better place for employment. More than 200 cities from different parts of the world were ranked in this study.

The various aspects included in the study were cost of living, infrastructure and so on.

The results of the survey showed five of the Canadian cities to be the best in the world in terms of standards of living. These include Ottawa, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. Vancouver was rated as the top city in North America ranking fourth in the world. This has clearly proved Canada elevating beyond any other city in the United States.

Other readings showed Ottawa moving three places up and ranking at 16th. However, Calgary went down by a position at the 26th spot. But, Toronto and Montreal were at the same rank as that of last year (15th and 22nd respectively).

The results also showed the effects of the recession with reducing numbers of the internationally – stationed employees. Due to this, many international assignments are being re – worked because of the financial crunch which has led to cost cutting initiatives. The survey also showed a reduction in the number of projects being implemented.

So, if recession has not perturbed you in any manner, then we suggest Vancouver being a great city to immigrate in Canada. Contact an Immigration and Visa veteran dealing with Canadian immigration since he would be in the best position to tell about the current scenario in Canada.

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