Via Online Platform, India to Make Changes in Its Immigration Law

According to a recent report, to improve the process of immigration, the Indian government has promised to provide an online platform within a year. This would be done to create a link among the Indian missions overseas, and to provide flawless services to the overseas aspirants keen on getting a job abroad.

In this connection, Vayalar Ravi, the Overseas Indian Affairs Minister, was quoted as saying that the involved body of India would provide a common online platform within the period of 52 weeks for all concerned with the migration process.

He went to add that online platform would create a link with the system of e-passport, system of migration, Proctor of Emigration offices and Indian Missions overseas to offer a flawless migration clearance service.

The main purpose of improving the immigration process was to ensure orderly migration and to restrict corrupt immigration representatives, who, he alleged, cheated the Indian nationals by promising greener pastures abroad.

To improve the existing process of immigration, and to make it a simple and transparent process, the government has recently drafted a new law of immigration.  Expressing serious concerns over the exploitation and the harassment of the Indian nationals across the Gulf region, Mr. Ravi concluded that the safety, security and welfare of the workers from India remained the Indian government’s main concern.

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