Victoria Preferred As a Prospective Country to Immigrate By Indians!

According to the Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department, statistics show that Victoria has become the most desired place to live/immigrate as compared to other premises in the year 2008-2009. India has been applauded as the main source of migrants for the past six years in a row.

However, the recent flurry of attacks has played a critical role in affecting the relationship between both the nations in a major way. On the other hand, Melbourne has seen a huge decline in the Indian migrants with a majority of recent attacks happening in Melbourne itself.

Coming back to Victoria, 6191 Indian immigrants settled in the state, in addition to Indian students and workers. New South Wales became the second most desired state amongst Indians, stating 5547 people settled in the year.

Despite all the controversies and racial attacks, India managed to outshine China as the main source for providing overseas students to Australia, a majority of students involved in vocational courses. Stats say that by mid-2009, India provided 91,440 students as compared to 76,417 students.

Apart from Indians, Victoria remains the most preferred place for Malaysians and Sri Lankans too. But the recent attacks on Indians would surely have an impact on Australia’s population and economic growth in the upcoming future.

Immigration, as a facet is nice, but when incidents like racial attacks happen on a regular basis, it surely creates a sense of doubt in the minds of applicants!

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