Visa Fraudsters Warned by Australian Immigration Officials!

A man has been arrested by the immigration authorities in Australia in connection to visa scam. The immigration authorities have tried to send a strong message for those who intend to cheat the system. The man now faces charges for catering to information which is fraudulent in nature. He provided information for the working holiday visa in Australia.

The man arrested is a British citizen and was caught when he arrived at the Brisbane Airport when he was on his way back home to Britain. According to the Spokesperson from Australian Immigration, allegations would be imposed on this man for aiding and assisting in the breach of Migration Act. As per the criminal code, he would have committed an offense.

The press release from the Australian immigration department indicated this arrest is a part of an operation for the crackdown of fraudulent activities pertaining to the second working holiday maker visas.

These visas are valid for a year only. After this duration is over, an extension could be applied for another 12 months. However, the applicant has to cater to certain requirements. This includes regional employment for a period of three months in a specific industry.

As of now, the immigration officials have cancelled about 162 extensions under this particular visa due to claims of fraudulent activities. At the same time, those indulging in such crimes can be sentenced to imprisonment for a period of 10 years along with a cancellation of their visa. This would lead to visa exclusion periods for catering to fraudulent documentation and providing false information to the department.

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