VisaView System in New Zealand!

New Zealand: VisaView system is the new online system which has been introduced in the land of Kiwis to assist the employers know whether their prospective job employees fulfill the criteria of working in the country or not. The system has been put forward by the Department of Labour and is being operated by the same..

The motto behind this online system is to check whether an applicant fulfills all the requirements and holds the right to get employment in the country under the Immigration Act 1987.

The employer has to make an online registration. After the step is completed, he would be able to the entitlement of the prospective applicant’s eligibility to get employment in the country under the Immigration Act 1987. Some of the essential requirements needed to check the same are the passport number of the applicant as well as his full name, confirmed Immigration New Zealand.

This online tool would be further check the record in its database and provide with the details whether the concerned applicant whether he or she qualifies for the same or not. In addition, other specific work conditions would be provided, if applicable. It is a free tool and any employer can use it after fulfilling the registration process. Its best part is that it provides a real-time response in most of the cases.

Also, the histories of enquiries made by the employers in the past are always stored with this tool.

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