Visit British Columbia!

This western province of British Columbia is known for its spellbound natural beauty. Created in 1871, its capital city – Victoria, is the fifteenth largest metropolitan city in Canada and the second largest in the Pacific Northwest, between the Pacific Ocean and the eastern Rocky mountains.


The province is known for its enchanting flora and fauna draping the beautiful landscapes making it a sight for all the tourists. There are many activities to indulge in for all age groups. The biggest of all the attractions in British Columbia is that it is home to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and Paralympics Winter Games. What more could be asked for? Witness the games live which is just the perfect vacation that could be asked for.

Apart from the biggest attraction mentioned above, try out hiking, exploring beaches, mountain climbing and relax by the lakes. The moderate climate of the province (except for the mountainous regions), makes it one of the most happening provinces in Canada. With Olympics happening in the near future, this hustling has almost doubled wit the preparations.

The most popular cities in British Columbia are Victoria, Vancouver and Whistler. Here, you can indulge in shopping in some up market complexes. You can get a taste of the various Canadian exhibitions as well.

Vancouver has many tourist spots to be visited. Some of them include the Granville Island, Robson Street for that endless shopping, Grouse Mountain (don’t forget the tram ride here!), Chinatown and Chinatown Night Market which is one of the biggest Chinese communities in North America. However, Vancouver has much more to explore.

Similarly, Victoria is known for its historical sites and museums. Activities to indulge in here include whale watching, Butchart Gardens which are more than a century old, Chinatown to get the feel of Asia in America, the Fisgard Lighthouse which is one of the key landmarks in the city and the Royal British Columbia Museum to get an insight into the history of the province.

Whistler is known as one of the top four season resorts in North America. It is the perfect place for that adrenaline rush to come. Get involved in Zip Lining, Hiking, Heli – Rides, apart from skiing and snowboarding.

All in all, British Columbia has to be explored with a human eye. Putting it down in words is not sufficient to describe the beauty and enigma of the place. So, pack your bags and start unwinding!

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