Want to Live Your Dreams? Opt for Investment Immigration to Australia!

Investment Immigration to Australia

Immigration is a subject matter of individual choice, preference and likings. Recent restrictions, put on immigration to the US and the UK, have made Australia one of the most sought after immigration destinations. The hotspot is not only good for higher studies it also lays promising future for the investors and the businessman. Let’s discuss about Investment Immigration to Australia.

Numerous migrants are heading to it because they know that they will get tremendous opportunities there in. Investment immigration to Australia is something that is inspiring many such migrants.

Immigration to Australia
Immigration to Australia

The first stage of the Investment Visa is completed through the Subclass 188, and for hassle-free immigration under Investment Programme, the candidate needs to go through its second stage. This second stage is Business Innovation and Investment (Residence) (Subclass 888).

It asks for few more requirements.

  1. The candidate should possess temporary business innovation and investment visa.
  2. He must have seized sponsorship or nomination from an Australian province or region.
  3. He must have successfully met the requirements of temporary arrangements.

Investment immigration to Australia stands on two strong pillars, namely, business innovation and investor stream. Both have different conditions. To successfully qualify one needs to fulfill these.

Requirements for Business Innovation

  1. The candidate must be able to create at least two full time jobs for the residents or citizens.
  2. He should have actively participated in the management of the business at least for two years prior to submission of visa application.
  3. He should have met all regulatory requirements for the business or establishment he has planned in Oz.
  4. He should have a turnover of minimum of 300000 Australian Dollars. Moreover, he should possess a net business asset value of 200000 Australian Dollars.

Requirements for Investors

  1. An investor should be eligible to make investment for 4 years.
  2. He must meet all the necessary requirements pertaining to investment.
  3. He should have long term investment plans in the Kangaroo Land.

Investment immigration to Australia proffers following right to the investors:

  1. He can establish or develop new or existing business in the Kangaroo Land. He is also allowed to participate in the entrepreneurial activity in the country.
  2. He is allowed to travel in and out the country till the validity of visa expires.
  3. He can bring his family members to the nation.
  4. He is also allowed to submit his petition for Permanent Residency (PR) under the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (Subclass 888).

Crossing the borders with investment immigration to Australia gateway allows the candidates to enjoy the multiple benefits of the Medicare: one of the nation’s health schemes that is free for all its residents. It also provides one with an opportunity to study in the top universities in Oz and increase his chances of getting a job in the overseas hotspot.

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