Want to Make Short Trip Overseas? Apply for Tourist Visa to Australia!

Are you keen to make a short visit to Australia, to revel in a fun filled holiday, meet family and friends, or do some business research, and meet some people for the object? Apply for Tourist Visa to Australia!

With the visa you can not only make multiple entries to the country, over a period of one year, but also spend a maximum of three months there in at a stretch. The good news is that now you can apply for it online.

As it is too well known, Down Under is a very popular tourist destination across the globe with 450,000-plus global visitor arrivals per annum. If you are not a citizen of Australia or New Zealand, possessing a valid visa will be mandatory for you to move to the hotspot.

In case you have a passport from any of the over 30 eligible nations, you can submit an application for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) rapidly and easily online.

You do not require making a paper visa application, making a trip to any offices or have a visa label or stamp put in your passport. In case your ETA petition is sanctioned, your visa will be attached to your passport ready for when you move.

But what is the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)?

Well, it is nothing but the name given to the most frequently employed Australia Visit Visa. The same enables you to reside in the country, for a maximum of 3 months on every arrival inside 12 months from the date the visa was offered.

As mentioned before, the ETA is different from the old-style visas with the reason being there are neither any application forms to fill in nor any visa label or stamp in the passport.

With a view to apply for this Tourist Visa to Australia, it is compulsory that you are located outside Oz, and have a passport given by an ETA-eligible nation or area.

It is mandatory that you apply for your ETA with the passport number you will be travelling to Down Under with; the visa will be attached to the number. In case you lose your passport, or it is stolen or replaced prior to your visit to the hotspot, you will have to re-apply for a Tourist Visa to Australia.

The legal validity of an ETA Tourist Visa is typically 1 year, unless your passport expires before that, and will enable you to live in the country for a maximum of three months at a time through the validity of your ETA.

Apply For Tourist Visa to Australia-Now You Can Apply Online

Come July 1, and the aspirants from India can use the online option for submitting the Visitor Visa petitions. Allegedly, this is positive development for every visitor from this part of the world, whether they are making a trip to Oz for business or pleasure.

As per the Acting Australian High Commissioner to India, Elstoft, qualified Indian nationals can Apply online for a Visitor Visa, via the DIBP’s Immi Account portal. He stated that the online application choice will make the applying process for the Visitor Visas simpler and more expedient for the Indian candidates.

With the permission of the candidate, it will be possible to complete the online form by a third party, like a family member in India or in Australia, a travel representative, or contracted visa application bureau.

Sharing more information on the subject, Elstoft added that the processing times for the said visas will now be speedier since both applications and supporting certificates or papers are directly obtainable to the processing bureau.

He added that with the increasing acceptance of the Kangaroo Land-as an excellent holiday destination–a major rise in demand for the Australia Visa in India has been seen.

Between July 2017 and March 2017, over 265,000 persons from India landed in the country, even as this is a rise of 15.4%, vis-à-vis the similar time-frame during the year gone by.

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