Australia PR Immigration Process!

Australia PR Immigration Process

If you are motivated with immigration, with Permanent Residency (PR) rights, to an overseas hotspot, but are somewhat confused as to which destination to move to, here’s a good piece of advice: Migrate to Australia. Let’s discuss in detail about Australia PR Immigration Process.

The nation’s robust economy and its extensively publicized shortage of skilled workers are the two main reasons that add fuel to the migration fire. While its strong economy attracts the migrants from across the globe, the nation’s shortage of trained workers, to fill the various openings, further inspires the world.

Australia PR Immigration Process
Australia PR Immigration Process

The nation’s soft immigration policies further make the nation hot for all. To attract the skilled people, the Kangaroo Land runs numerous wonderful skilled visa programmes that are based on a point system.

For PR migration to Oz, an aspirant must have complete knowledge of the visa and immigration requirements. The process is made easier with the nation’s points based system.

Before filing petition for the visa an applicant needs to collect all the necessary documents. He also requires deciding his visa category and submitting his Expression of Interest to the SkillSelect. This will help him grab points to successfully qualify for migration. A score of at least 60 points will matter.

If the applicant’s profile is selected, he will be invited to apply for the desired visa. After that, he needs to collect the necessary documents and attach it with his application. After doing so, he needs to submit his form within 60 days to the concerned immigration office.

Australia PR Immigration Process–Know What To Do!

The Australia PR immigration process is a mix of both online and offline activities. While applying for its point based system, an applicant needs to:

  1. Assemble key documents–The wishful migrant needs to collect all key documents related to his education and work. Apart from this, he needs to procure two main documents, i.e., the IELTS (English language proficiency test result) and the Skill assessment result of the assessing authority.
  2. Select the most apt visa–Depending on his skills he needs to select the most suitable visa that could ensure guaranteed migration. Out of its numerous visas, the Non Sponsored Visa Subclass 189, State Nominated Visa Subclass 190, and the Employee Nominated Visa Subclass 186 are the 3 most popular visas available.
  3. Pick an occupation from SOL–Selecting an occupation from the SOL is one of the major requirements for movement. If the applicant is applying for the State Nominated Visa, he needs to select the occupation from the list of that particular Australian State.
  4. Character and Health Requirements–Apart from other necessary documents, a person should also submit a valid character certificate. It should be obtained after police investigation to prove that he is not involved in any kind of criminal activity. He also needs to grab medical fitness certificate from the medical representative.
  5. File a petition under Australian Points Based System–After collecting all the necessary documents an applicant needs to apply in the nation’s Points Based System. He needs to submit Expression of Interest (EoI) via the SkillSelect system, stating his work experience, age, education, language ability, etc. He needs to score at least 60 points under this system for a successful Australia PR Immigration Process.


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