Want to Move to Australia? Australia Business Visa Is All You Need!

Australia Business Visa

For people wanting to invest in a business in Australia or establish their own, the country offers multiple state nominated options and offers Australia Business Visa. Depending on whether you want to invest in an established business, or start something of your own, there are different visa categories to choose from.

Australia Business Visa
Australia Business Visa

Basically, your business must create or maintain employment in Oz, and produce goods or services that will directly impact the nation’s economy.

Based on more such requirements, you can obtain any of the below discussed visa options –

1) Business Innovation and Investment- Subclass 188 – In this type of visa, you would be first required to apply for a provisional visa valid up to four years, post which you can apply for a permanent subclass visa 888 discussed below.

2) Business Innovation and Investment – Subclass 888 – This type of business visa is the Permanent Residency (PR) stage, and you can apply for it after meeting all the requirements for Business Innovation and Investment in Australia.

3) Business Talent – Subclass 132 – In this subcategory of Australia Business Visa, there is no requirement of a provisional visa. This type of Business Visa is attractive for the business owners with a proven record of successful business history.

4) Business Owner – Subclass 892 – If you already hold a South Australian state sponsorship, this visa is valid for five years, post which as a businessman, you can apply for Australia PR Visa.

Thus, for all the business owners and investors looking for golden opportunities in the Down Under, the above types of Business Visas can easily help you settle down in one of the most beautiful and progressive countries in the world. With fast-track process and easy conditions, it is more than easier to obtain an Australia Business Visa and realize your business dreams.

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