Want Secure Future & Handsome Wages? Join Canada’s Merchant Marine Industry!

If you have the necessary qualifications, as required by Canada’s flourishing and crucial merchant marine industry, and are interested in a great future overseas, even as you draw very handsome salaries, kick-start the application process for Canada immigration with a Skilled Visa!

The nation’s merchant marine industry has been developing very speedily, and to manage the ballooning requirements for the trained manpower, concerned organization, namely, the Seafarers’ Training Institute, in association with some other concerned organizations, have, reportedly, taken an employment initiative at the national stage, with the aim to engage, train and maintain youth in the business.

Reportedly, the latest initiative has been planned to address the incessant labor dearth in the nation’s shipping industry, which, at present, is developing remarkably. The unique plan has been made to fill a large number of available positions, and evade an emergency that may well be just round the corner in case the shortage of workers is not managed with trained employees.

Canada’s Marine Business Proffers Permanence, Adventure, Pride, Wonderful Wages

A person on the payroll of Canada’s seafarers obtains stability, adventure–and much more importantly pride–all rolled into one job.

Allegedly, the drive is looking to draw not only the local Canadian youth but also skilled employees from overseas interested in getting handsome wages in the nation’s thriving Marine industry. Once engaged, the concerned organization’s Unlicensed Apprenticeship Programme offers the recruits with paid education, advancement of skills, and free boarding, not to mention a stable job.

Presently, an instant requirement to draft not less than 300 fresh workers exists, besides the regular early staffing to fill up the many job openings that are left empty by the pensioned off seafarers.

While the nation’s marine shipping industry is likely to grow, not less than 20% or one-fifth of the SIU members will reportedly step down in the next five years. It means that the number of job openings in this important segment of the country’s economy will further head north.

Canada Immigrants May Expect Good Work Opportunities

With a contribution of a staggering $3 billion to the GDP, the commercial marine shipping business of the Maple Leaf Country is crucial for the country’s economy. Allegedly, the employment drive, via the Seafarers’ Training Institute, is an excellent opportunity for the new and also the experienced manpower to get very well paid jobs, and also guarantee the country’s marine shipping business keeps on doing rather well and leaving its mark.

The Maple Leaf Country is a pretty strong trading nation even as its merchant marine business moves it in more than one manner. As per some high-ranking experts in the business, becoming a part of the nation’s marine shipping business will be both a clever and calculated choice for one’s future and career.

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