Want to Know Which Are Best Countries for Indians, For Work Purposes?

Indians have a rather rich history of moving to overseas destinations. By and large, they are adventurous and in the hope of better employment opportunities and bright career prospects a large number of them, from this part of the world, have migrated to various countries.

In the hope of better livelihood opportunities, the tradition to move abroad is a very old tradition that has become very popular with the passage of time. And when it comes to working abroad and offering their professional services in various domains, Indians have numerous options to choose from. However, choosing the right destination largely depends on one’s personal aim and qualifications.

Now-a-days, foreign job market is growing like never before even as the demand of qualified skilled professionals has increased intensively. Various Multi National Companies (MNCs) are continuously hunting for the best human talent from all over the world in order to beat the high end competition prevailing in the foreign market, and India has no dearth of talent.

Whether one is looking for trained doctors or engineers or computer programmers, Indian candidates are overwhelmingly present in every field. They are not just present but also the finest of the lot, and doing a commendable job.

For the Indian aspirants, some specific nations–like Canada and Australia, for instance–are regarded very hot immigration destinations. A large number of skilled and semi-skilled workers from India have moved to these countries to look for better job opportunities. Apart from Australia and Canada, some other countries like Hong Kong, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, and UK also enjoy high popularity amongst the Indian migrants.

Each country has its own specific set of requirements related to specialization and skills as job requirements. Most of the foreign employers recruit Indian workers on contract basis. But many companies offer also them full time jobs, and in situations where in they have to serve a fixed probation period, the same varies from three months to six months.

Indian Prefer Australia, Canada

However, if one specifically talks about the best countries for Indians for work purposes, then certainly Canada and Australia will top the chart. Both the countries have a fairly large presence of Indians on their territories. In both the nations, a huge number of Indians has been working across various fields, such as IT sector, Designing and Communication, Medical Healthcare, Engineering, etc.

These countries proffer big and rewarding job opportunities to them and also a very lucrative pay package, based on their specific set of skills and experience. The plus point is that applicants may also bring along their family members to these particular immigration hotspots.

Canada and Australia—Why They Are Regarded Best Countries for Indians, for Work Purposes?

The presence of Indian workforce is highest in these two countries. In the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, Indians have beaten China when it comes to migration. Hundreds of Indian skilled workers are well settled in some specific Australian cities, like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Liverpool. In fact, some latest records show that Indians have become the major source of Permanent Migrants. And during the last two decades or so the number of Australia born Indian migrants has increased extensively.

Almost same is the situation in the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’. In actual fact, the country has the largest presence of Indian community outside Asia. Indians are doing well in various sectors and their presence can be largely seen in Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, and British Colombia (BC).

The growing contribution of Indian migrants clearly shows that the governments of both the specific countries are highly influenced by their skills, and irrespective of religion, color, caste and creed, welcome them with arms wide open, for obvious reasons.

The reason why people from India usually prefer to move to these nations is high standard of living, strong economy, better wages, superior healthcare facilities, stable government, etc.

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