Want to Migrate to US? Know What Options You Have!

A large number of prospective immigrants see the US as a hot immigration destination. Many people prefer to migrate to US over any other country. The reason is simple: it is the world’s lone Super Power. People choose it either to achieve their professional dreams or study in its world-class educational institutes.

No matter what is the reason behind your movement, for sure the country of opportunities, progressive economy and beautiful landscapes will bring joy and prosperity into your life. The country offers mixed environment that enriches immigrants’ experience and broadens their outlook towards life.

Migrate to US

Every year, innumerable number of people flocks to the beautiful country–either as a tourist, student or skilled worker. The destination does not allow any individual to enter it without a valid passport, documents and visa.

You can travel visa free to the US only if you are a native of any such country whose citizens have been exempted from acquiring visa, but still you will have to carry your documents along with you.

If you wish to migrate to the beautiful country, then there are two broad categories, i.e., as a temporary resident or permanent resident. Now let’s know in detail about these two!

Temporary Residents:

It comes with certain restrictions and limitations and visa holders have to return to their native country before the visa expires. Following are some of the options:

  • B-1/B-2 visitor Visas: Visa holder can stay in the country for up to six months. During the period, he is not allowed to take up a job.
  • H-1B Visas: Skilled workers belonging to specific occupations may apply for H-1B visa, initially issued for three years but can be extended for three more years.
  • F-1 Student Visas: Valid for international students to enroll themselves in a college/university. In certain instances, visa holders are also allowed to take up a part time job.
  • L-1 Visas: Issued to managers or executives to transfer to the US office for a limited period of time.

Besides these, there are many options for temporary residence, such as O-1 Visas, J-1 Visas, TN Visas, and O-1 Visas.

Permanent Residents (Green Card)

Green card holders may live and work in the country indefinitely. But do not forget that it’s really difficult and a long way before you become an American Green Card Holder.

Following are the options:-

  • Family sponsored Green Cards
  • Political asylum
  • Green Card Lottery (diversity Green card)
  • Employment based Green Card. It has following options:

EB-1: People with exceptional talent, such as researchers, managers or executives of multinational business venture or professors, are considered.

EB-2: Granted to skilled workers with exceptional skills.

EB-3: Skilled or unskilled workers with a university degree are eligible.

EB-4: Restricted to religious workers only.

EB-5: For those who have net worth of 1 million to invest in the country and can create at least 10 new jobs for American citizens, through investment.

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